Life on the farm after Christmas

So what is life on the farm like after Christmas.  Well firstly, the weather has warmed up.  Summer is here and the temperature has gone up to the mid 30’s most days at the moment.  Also it is dry and that is ok, it is ment to be hot and dry this time of year but we can get storms as well.  We have had two storm events last week but not much rain. However, over the next few days, we are going to get some substantial rain.  So is that useful this time of year?  Maybe. This rain will make some weeds grow.  Some bad weeds and some good weeds and other grasses that the cows will eat.  I am making the most of the rain event this time.  Yesterday I planted some perennial pasture seed.  It is a bit late in the season to do this but I am taking the chance that we will get good rain to bring the seed up, then I can irrigate the new plants to keep them going.

The other task at the moment is to bring in the rest of the hay from the paddocks to the hay stacks.  Cleared one paddock yesterday, one more to go but this may have to wait until the weather clears. As I have mentioned before we have had a great year for hay.

The cows are looking great on the farm as they have lots of feed, although it is all dry feed this time of year.  Beef cattle still do well on dry feed.  It is a bit like giving them hay that was left in the paddock.  It is better to have them graze the dry feed than make it into hay and then have to feed it out to them.  Saves on time and fuel for the tractor.  Efficient farming is best for sustainability. The farm has to be sustainable for both the environment and economic reasons.

While we are on the subject of cows, we are on the lookout for “pink eye”  This can be a problem this time of year.  There are a lot of grass seeds and flies.   Pink eye is an infection cows can get in their eyes and can cause blindness. The other thing with the heat is to make sure the cows have plenty of water and shade.  As parts of our management program, we make sure the cows graze in paddocks that have shade trees.

So even though it is just after Christmas and many people are on holiday, work on the farm continues as normal, working with the season at the time and preparing for the season to come.

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Things are starting to slow down on the farm

Things are starting to slow down here on the farm. Hay season is over. All the small square hay bales are tucked away in the hay shed out of the weather. Most of the big round hay bales are stacked in rows. We only have two more paddock empty of round bales.

The weather is getting warmer and the grass is getting drier. This is okay as our cattle grow really well on dry feed.

Our summer fruits are beginning to ripen. The Apricots are starting to turn orange. These are late this year. Normally the Apricots are ripe at the start of December. The Plumcots are also ripe now. Plumcots are a cross between a Plum and an Apricot. If you haven’t tried these before I recommend it!


Christmas is only 10 days away. Can you believe it? We will only be opening our shop on Fridays for the Christmas period. So this Saturday is the last Saturday we are open for the next few weeks.

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Christmas is fast approaching!

Hi Everyone, It’s Hollie here. I am your guest blogger for today.

Can you believe how close Christmas is? Only 16 sleeps! We are blessed that we have all our family close by. In fact on mum’s side (Peterson family) we all live within 20km of each other. This includes Granny, Mum and her brothers and their wives (my uncles and aunties). Even my cousins and my sister and brother and my sister in law.

Having family close by means that our Christmas gatherings are big events. With A LOT of food. For some families this means a lot of unhealthy food and regret the next day. But with the Peterson family we eat quite healthy. My uncle started with Biodynamics 25+ years ago.

We traditionally have a hot roast meal on Christmas. This includes our Biodynamic Beef, Biodynamic Pork from our Uncle, Biodynamic roast Veggies and Salads. We have even had some nitrate free Ham in the past. My uncle brings over his Biodynamic Milk straight from his dairy. I guess you could say our Christmas meals are a Biodynamic foodies heaven!


Here at Eden Farm produce we are taking orders for Christmas roasts. We have a wide range of roasts available for sale on our website. If Christmas Day is going to be a cool day like today, you cannot go past a beautiful roast beef with pan juice gravy. Or if Christmas Day is going to be hot a BBQ might be the way to go. We have a great range of steaks available. These include BBQ steak, Porterhouse Steak, Scotch fillet steak available. We have limited Sausages available so please get your orders in fast.

Our Farm Store is open every Friday and Saturday. You can call in and check out our wide range of Biodynamic pantry items and freshly picked Biodynamic in Conversion vegetables from my farm. You can also order via our website. We deliver almost every day to the local area.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.


Hollie xx