It’s summer & it’s hot, but that’s ok.

So summer has really kicked in now.  It’s hot and dry just like the summers I remember as a kid.  Most days in the 30’s and not much rain.  I guess growing up on a farm has taught me to look to the sky a lot and look forward to the next season and make sure I have plans in place. Farming is a tricky business as the goal posts move around all the time.

Anyway, we are doing a bit of fence maintenance at the moment and planning for the Autumn.  Some paddock grass topping to do and the normal cow herd checking.  As I have mentioned before, this time of year we are on the look out for pink eye.  No problems yet.

Eden Farm Produce will soon be launching some exciting new products.  So be on the look out on this web site and our Facebook page. I won’t say any more for now.

There also some exciting plans for the farm.  More to say later.

Please be safe when out there swimming and playing in the water over this school holiday season.


Cheers for now from Eden Farm Produce.