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Food & Wine Festival, and its cold.

Hi Friends.  Well, we have just had an awesome weekend at Eden Farm.  On Saturday it was our turn to hold an event for the Sun Country Food and Wine Festival.  We had David List, Food Technologist, speak on cooking meat.  A great crowd for that and then later in the day we had Phil […]

Life food or Death food – it’s our choice

Hi friends, At a recent visit with my Naturopath we discussed many things but this, I felt sure, was worth sharing with you all. Stephanie Seneff is a great advocate for heath and I personally found this article eye opening. Here is a snipit from her web page – “In recent years, Dr. Seneff has […]

It’s summer & it’s hot, but that’s ok.

So summer has really kicked in now.  It’s hot and dry just like the summers I remember as a kid.  Most days in the 30’s and not much rain.  I guess growing up on a farm has taught me to look to the sky a lot and look forward to the next season and make […]

Life on the farm after Christmas

So what is life on the farm like after Christmas.  Well firstly, the weather has warmed up.  Summer is here and the temperature has gone up to the mid 30’s most days at the moment.  Also it is dry and that is ok, it is ment to be hot and dry this time of year […]

Christmas is fast approaching!

Hi Everyone, It’s Hollie here. I am your guest blogger for today. Can you believe how close Christmas is? Only 16 sleeps! We are blessed that we have all our family close by. In fact on mum’s side (Peterson family) we all live within 20km of each other. This includes Granny, Mum and her brothers […]

Working with the cows and calves

We have just been doing a bit of work with the cows and calves.  It is important to have a closer look at them from time to time, even though they are checked every day, we like to get them in the yard for a more detailed check.  We look for pink eye this time of […]

Moving the big round bales of hay

The big round bales of hay have started moving  from the paddocks to three storage locations around the farm.  This can be a slow job, but somewhat rewarding, as once it is done the harvest is finished.  This year has been so good for hay that we have about three years worth of hay to […]

Hay season, and best one we have ever had.

Well, all the hay is baled. Small square bails and large round bails. The small bales are now in the shed and the large ones are still in the paddock. The large ones can get rained on, that’s ok, but the small one cannot. Anyway, here are some pictures of the hay stack. So what’s […]

So much hay. What a great season.

I was out raking hay this morning and yesterday.  This would have to be the biggest hay season we have had in the 15 years we have owned this property.  The hay is so thick my hay rake is having trouble coping with the amount and is leaving large clumps in the rows.  We will […]