Banneton Basket – 18cm Round


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Round Banneton Basket – 100% Rattan

Imagine tearing off a hunk of fresh, warm bread to dip in homemade soup or slather with the finest butter for an indulgent treat. If you can’t resist a chunky, dome-shaped sourdough loaf, this banneton is an essential piece of equipment! With this round banneton basket, you’ll be baking up a storm and feasting on the tastiest, healthiest bread. Plus, you can boast that you’ve made your loaves in the traditional European way.

Crafted from natural rattan with no chemical additives (unlike plastic) this bread proofing basket is ideal for the health-conscious baker. Rattan is an exceptional material that removes excess water from your dough and allows it to breathe during proofing. This creates a more stable shape for a perfectly plump loaf that’s packed with flavour.

Rattan looks attractive too, so it’s perfect for adding charm to a country-style kitchen! As such, our bannetons make wonderful gifts for keen home bakers who take pride in their kitchen and love the rustic look.

Product Features:

  • Hand Made
  • Made from 100% organically grown rattan material
  • Finish with stainless steel staples, no rust, build to last
  • Comply with EU food standard

How to Use:

Sprinkle flour on the banneton and put the dough in for proofing. After proofing, carefully put the dough upside down on your baking blade; it will keep its shape in the oven.

Please Note:

The banneton should not be used in the oven. It can be used in a proofing oven at just over room temperature, but the dough must be removed for baking.