Japanese Sencha Premium Green Tea – Certified Organic 50g


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Certified Organic Japanese Sencha Premium Green Tea: Discover this premium grade organic Japanese sencha green tea direct from Japan. Japanese sencha consists of leaves that have been steamed and then dried which gives the Sencha it’s unique taste and aroma. This premium grade Japanese Sencha has all of the characteristics you would expect from an authentic Japanese green tea. Delicate, earthy and very cleansing – A real treat for the most discerning green tea drinkers.

Organic Ingredients: Japanese sencha green tea

Tea Grade: Premium

Serving Suggestion:

Traditionally served throughout the day. Add 1 tsp per cup. Always use fresh, filtered water and brew below boiling point, around 80ºC. Use of boiling water will result in bitterness. Only needs 30sec-1 mins brewing time. Enjoy without milk or sugar.

Country of Origin: Japan

Certified Organic