Jasmine Pearl Green Tea Premium – Certified Organic 50g


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Certified Organic Premium Jasmine Pearl Green Tea: Known as dragon pearls or buddha tears this deliciously delicate tea consists of the most tender green tea leaves and buds that are hand rolled into small pearls and then infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. The fragrant blossoms are mixed with the premium green tea pearls according to a traditional tea scenting process that dates back more than nine centuries. The tea absorbs the fragrant essence of the fresh jasmine flowers, making the pearls sweet and very aromatic. The blossoms are then removed by hand after the scenting process, leaving only the beautiful jasmine-scented tea pearls. Treat yourself today to this rare certified organic Jasmine Pearl Tea.

Organic Ingredients: Premium Green tea, jasmine

Serving suggestion: 

For the best results always use fresh, filtered water. Add 5-8 pearls per cup and brew with water just off the boil (80ºC) for 1-5mins. Then just sit back and savour in this relaxing and aromatic tea.

Country of origin: China

Taste/Aroma: A lovely delicate and refreshing tea with beautiful relaxing aromas