Eden Farm seen from the eye of a Drone

Last time we spoke, I was talking about cutting hay, well if you want to see this then go to our Facebook page. This is what it looks like from the air. As I mentioned, we will have a lot of hay this year, and as you can see many acres of cut grass.  Also in this video is some footage of our cows and calves.  They are quite curious when the drone has a look at them.

Friday and Saturday our farm shop is open.  There will be cows to see close by and if I’m around you could get a look at the farm.   On Saturday morning we will be cooking some meat for folks to taste.

We are cutting hay Today and tomorrow

The time has come to cut the hay here at Eden Farm.  It’s a bit later this year after a wet winter, but this means a lot of grass has grown and that means heaps of hay.  Most of the hay will be big round bails and some will be small squares.  The small square bails get stacked in the hay shed by hand. Great exercise!

I was out moving some of the cows this morning while it was cold. 4 degrees.  This is cold enough to slow down the mozzies.  They are thick this year because of the water laying about.  The frogs and birds are having a field day as they are the natural predators of mozzies.img_2110

Our animals are looking amazing.  I will put up a photo or too soon. You can always come out and have a look for your self any day we are open.  Eden Farm is normally open to the public Fridays and Saturdays.  Those are the days you can buy produce like meat and products etc.

A week ago, we took some of our Rump Steak to eat with some friends in Melbourne.  He is a food Tech and he cooked the meat.  The most amazing eating experience!  We will talk about cooking methods soon, but I have been talking about this meat ever since.  There is a photo here and at the top of our home page.  Some video of the cooking will be on our web site maybe today.

Tomorrow is Melbourne cup day, so most of Victoria has a day off.  I think I will take it easy and watch the hay dry, because in a week the real work starts with raking and bailing and carting the hay into the shed.  A great and satisfying time though, seeing the harvest completed.



Well, its spring time and its finally dried out.

Well, here at Eden Farm Produce, its spring time and its finally dried out.  We have had some flooding here but now it has gone and we have dried out.  Happy with the wet winter.  Heaps of grass so there will be a huge amount of hay to make.  So we start cutting hay on Monday.  I just pulled the bailer out of the shed to get it ready to go.  So that means greasing and oiling all the moving parts, and there are lots of them.  We don’t buy in hay as we only feed our animals our own produce.  This way we know what their eating.