Bone Broth Fast

Bone Broth Fasts have so many benefits. They range from Improved Digestive Function, Glowing Skin, Supply important minerals to reduce brain fog, prevent muscle wastage, detox the liver and digestive system, boost immunity, improve sleep, memory and cognitive function.

The fast will go for 3 days. This amount of time is best for helping kill off harmful bacteria in the gut, repair the GI tract and repopulate the gut with probiotics.

During the fast you will consume 4-5 cups of broth per day. You may also have water and herbal tea.

Plan to make your broth one to two times in a large batch and refrigerate/freeze small portions to keep them fresh throughout the fast. Drink broth throughout the day as you’d like, adding ingredients like salt, pepper, vinegar and seasoning for extra taste. You can reheat cooled or frozen stock on the stovetop, whisking it and skimming off the fatty/oily surface if you’d like to (although this is nutrient-dense and should be kept for cooking later on).

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