What is the difference between Organic and Bio-Dynamic?

Bio-Dynamics is an advanced method of organic farming that was developed in the 1920’s by the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolph Steiner.  It represents a holistic approach to farming with a strong emphasis on the interrelationship between the soil, plants, animals and the lunar and solar systems.  Under the Bio-Dynamic philosophy, a humus rich, well structured soil is the foundation for sustainable livestock farming.

Bio-Dynamic farming involves the use of nutrient rich, natural preparations on the land.  The main preparation is solution 500, which is an activated cow manure compost that is applied to pastures to increase microbial activity in the soil.  Whereas conventional farming relies on synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers to ward off disease and pests, Bio-Dynamic farming involves the use of homeopathic solutions often sourced from the farm itself.

Importantly,  Bio-Dynamics adopts the key principles of organic farming.  Animals roam free range and are antibiotic, GMO and growth hormone free.  Like organic farming, there is a strong emphasis on animal welfare and ethical farming and processing practices.

Bio-Dynamic farming is labour intensive, and involves an initial conversion process to remove chemical residues and ensure the land is in optimal condition before it can be farmed.  Buying a Demeter Certified Bio-Dynamic product is your guarantee of the genuine article.

How can you not use drenches? 

Our cattle do not require the use of drenches. Here at Eden Farm Produce we run very small herd sizes. We also have a strict grazing rotation of our herds. We strip graze large paddocks and the herds are moved to a different section of the paddock every few days.

What happens if a cow gets sick?

Where do your vegetables and fruit come from?

Some of the vegetables we sell are grown on our Demeter certified Biodynamic in Conversion Mundoona farm. Our daughter Hollie and her husband Chris own this farm. It is located just 4 minutes from Eden Farm. We grow some fruit on our main farm where our farm gate store is located. We do get fruit and vegetables from other certified Biodynamic and Organic farms. This way we can provide our customers with a wide range of fruit and vegetables in all seasons.

How are your cattle handled on the farm?

We pride ourselves in having extremely calm cattle. We do not own or use motorbikes or horses to move cattle from paddock to paddock. We physically move the cattle ourselves. In fact most of the time the cattle will follow us around the farm.

What breed of cattle do you have?

Our cattle are a cross between Beef Shorthorn and Maine-Anjou. We are currently breeding toward pure bred Maine-Anjou. This years calves are 3/4 Maine Anjou, 1/4 Beef Shorthorn. Next year we will have 15/16ths Maine Anjou and these are classed are Pure Bred. Maine Anjou cattle calve easily and are known for low birth-weight and fast growth. The quiet temperament of these cattle ensures they are easy to handle, hence a great breed to show and less stressed therefore producing extra tender meat. Structural soundness, smooth muscle, docility, feed efficiency and meat quality are what breeders produce today.

How do you treat sickness like Pink Eye?

How long have your owned Eden Farm?

We purchased Eden Farm in May 2001. At the end of 2002 we started spraying 500 to begin the process of converting the farm to Biodynamic Farming principles.

Is your beef Halal?

No our beef is not Halal.

Does your farm store have EFTPOS?

Yes we have EFTPOS. We can take Mastercard and Visa cards.

Can we buy your products any where other than farm gate?

Everything is available from our online shop and we deliver locally. Otherwise you can purchase from our farm gate.