Eating for Health

Does Your Food Make You Feel Well?


“You are what you eat” is becoming more true every day.

The more you investigate the more you will notice that there seems to be a whole lot more information about diet.

When I say diet, I mean way of eating and life style.  Eg, the Mediterranean diet.

It is becoming obvious that we should be restricting sugar and Carbs as much as possible.  Going back to diet of 80 years ago.  No over weight people then.

Please visit the links we have below and do your own research.

Visit the Diet Doctor for a wide range of Keto Diet recipes and information.

Low Carb Down Under Is a great resource for Low Carb High Fat diets and has a list of doctors and dieticians that you can talk to before you start your low carbohydrate journey.

The Real Meal Revolution talks about the Banting Diet. The Banting Diet is the South African version of the Ketogenic Diet.