Eden Farm Bulk Beef Box (12kg minimum) $29/kg


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Eden Farm Bulk Beef Box (12kg minimum) $29/kg

Our Biodynamically grown beef is:

  • Ethically raised on a regenerative farm where we farm in harmony with nature
  • 100% grass fed for their entire lives
  • Slowly grown until they reach natural maturity
  • Not vaccinated or drenched.
  • Locally grown from birth on our farm in Numurkah,  Victoria

Animal welfare and environmental sustainability are at the core of what we do.

The 12 kg Eden Farm Bulk Beef Box contains:

Chuck Steak
Osso bucco
Stewing Steak
Gravy Beef
Topside Roast
Blade Roast
Oyster Blade Steak
BBQ Steak
Porterhouse Steak
Rump Steak
T-bone Steak
Our famous gluten free and dairy free Sausages
Beef bones (perfect for making nourishing bone broth)
Scotch Fillet Steak

Want inspiration? Visit our Recipes pages here…

Our Eden Farm Bulk Beef packs are just the thing to fill up your freezer and are discounted the large the pack. Prices are cheaper than most organic farmers in Australia.

Have the peace of mind knowing exactly where your beef comes from. Our beef cows are raised on our farm in Numurkah VIC from birth. We do not buy in cattle or calves from other farms to sell as our own. If you would like to visit our farm to see our cattle for yourself, why not book one of our popular farm tours here. For more information on our farm related activities, tours and events please visit our Eden Farm Facebook page.

*Please note cuts of beef may vary due to availability. Any changes will not affect cost. Image does not depict the exact cuts or quantity of beef in each pack. Please also note that due to containing no preservatives, this meat may be frozen straight after packaging.

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