Eden Farm Bulk Beef Box 2 – (24 kg minimum)



Eden Farm Bulk Beef Box 2  –  (24 kg minimum)

Our Biodynamically grown beef is:

  • Ethically raised on a regenerative farm where we farm in harmony with nature
  • 100% grass fed for their whole lives
  • Slowly grown until they reach natural maturity
  • Not vaccinated or drenched.

Animal welfare and environmental sustainability are at the core of what we do.


~7 trays Gluten, Dairy & Preservative Free Sausages

7kg Minced Beef

2kg Roast Beef

1.5kg Porterhouse Steak

1.5kg Rump Steak

1kg BBQ Steak

1kg Scotch Fillet Steak

2kg Beef Broth Bones

1.4kg Osso Bucco

700g T-Bone Steak

700g Brisket

*Please note cuts of beef may vary due to availability. Any changes will not affect cost.

Please note due to containing no preservatives this meat is frozen straight after packaging.