How to make water kefir

How to make water kefir

Water Kefir is a slightly bubbly probiotic drink and a great into into the world of fermented foods. My family have been enjoying water kefir for months now. Even my children and husband love the bubbly, fruity drink. I am happy for them to have it because I know it is fantastic for their tummies.

Water Kefir is similar to Milk Kefir except the little jelly like ‘grains’ are accustomed to growing in sugar water rather than milk. They look a bit different too. Instead if looking like little cauliflowers, they look more like clear, little crystals. But the nutritional value is much the same. Not only is it a probiotic (yup – just like yogurt!), it’s full of some great vitamins and nutrients.

We are tried lots of different flavours with the water kefir. Raspberries, blueberries, ginger and mulberries are all favourites. We have even experimented and put the water kefir grains straight into Biodynamic apple juice and coconut water.

How to make water kefir

3 tablespoons of Water Kefir Grains
1/4 cup Organic Sugar
4 cups Water (preferably filtered)
1 pinch Bicarb Soda
1/8 teaspoon of Molasses
10 biodynamic or organic sultanas

Dissolve sugar into water. Add the bicarb soda, sultanas and molasses. These feed the water kefir grains. Pour mixture into 1lt glass jar. Add the water kefir grains. Cover glass jar with a cloth and secure with a rubber band. Leave on the counter or in a cupboard for two days to culture.

After two days strain out the water kefir grains. Pour the water kefir into a glass bottle with a flip top lid. Add in your 1-2 tbs of your flavouring (we like raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, etc). Secure lid and leave for 1-2 days. Keep and eye on them and 'burp' them often. (Water kefir can build up pressure quickly and explode bottles!) Once it is carbonated enough for your liking move the bottle into the fridge to slow down the culturing process.

Repeat the process again with the grains you saved from your last batch. If your grains are happy they will start to multiply.